(1 Month) ODIS Geko Online Access VW AUDI Skoda Service No Need USBKey

  • ODIS ONLINE LOGIN the VOLKSWAGEN or AUDI GEKO without the upkey usb. After the client program activated, Press the icon when the system asking an user info to access. It will automatically login and Service time starts automatically. After activated, you will can not change laptop. Unlimited login times during the valid service dates

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ODIS Geko User Account Service No Need UPKEY USB

Original online programming account, Online Connection link to original official server.

  • Available Optional Vehicle brands: Volkswagen, Audi

How it works

*For the first time of uses, you must install the team viewer application, Open it and inform us your team viewer info After payment, we will access to setup the special program. After that, you can login automatically without our remote support.

*The service time is limited. You can login ODIS Online at any time by yourself after application installed. No need manual enter password or wait for remote access. No limited times within your valid date.

*You can use this application on one computer only.

Additional service:

*We provide free download and installation the latest ODIS software by team viewer remote session if you buy this account service.

*Your can use your ODIS Software directly without reinstall, if you are sure your odis support online programming. 

Pay attention:

- This listing price is only responsible for ODIS Geko user login, It’s not responsible for the coding operations and training.  please make sure you equip the base knowledge of online coding, and if you do not know how to work with it, we are not able to offer you refund , thank you for your understanding.

– Make sure your VAS 5054A OBD Scanner hardware is same as OEM design so that it can compatiable with original ODIS software and support online functions

– This is individual ODIS Online Subscription for VOLKSWAGEN or AUDI vehicles.

– This online account service in this listing has limited service time. Timer will start automatically while your program activated.

– We must help you install ODIS ONLINE License and the Virtual client port via teamviewer for the first time use. Contact us after you paid and It would be better to contact us once your garage or workshop have a car need do online programming). 

– Your can’t log in if the service time out. You can contact us and pay to renew and extend your GEKO account to one month, 3 months, 6 months, one year.

– If you change a laptop or change another module want to put the account again, you will need to place another order and pay for online license and account service again

What’s ODIS Online Account?

ODIS online account is global Geko user account. Only authorized Geko users have the permission to perform special functions. such as Key Programming, Immobilizer Programming, Control Unit Recoding and Adaptation, Component Protection Coding on New Parts…

ODIS Specialised services can perform on VAG vehicles:

  • Component Protection Removal – Enabling full functionality on new control units – ONLY VAG’s online diagnostic system can perform this job correctly. Other tooling may remove component protection – but will risk damaging new components irreparably while attempting to perform this task.
  • Software updating of Control Units – ECU Software updates are installed to prevent changing expensive electronic components developing faults of corrupted software. In many cases software updating can save hundreds of pounds by NOT replacing control units logging a “defective” fault code. Many workshops are still unaware of this new repair technology.

With our Geko User Service and the FACTORY DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS VAS 5054A / VAS6154 , You’re able to log into the service station,  and perform specific online tasks, many of which are not available using conventional garage equipment. 
Key Programming
Immobilizer Programming
Guided Fault Finding
Guided Function Testing
Control Unit Recoding and Adaptation
Radio Code Retrieval and Installation
Control Unit Software Updates for all ECUs
Consumer Protection Coding on Expensive New Parts

No longer worry about which equipment will work for which car model. Your VAS 5054A / VAS6154 can totally work on all VW or AUDI cars in the latest 15 years. Whether diagnostics or programming, as well as key programming.



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